Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get a lot?

Submit your top 3 lot choices to and we will give you the first available choice. You will receive an email with confirmation of your lot assignment.

If we are a sponsor, do we get a lot?

Yes. Each level of sponsorship includes one lot, with no additional minimum donation required.

Are we limited to selecting from numbered lots or can we choose from the named ones as well?

All lots are available for selection unless otherwise noted. Sponsors have first choice of lots and their selections are marked with their logos.

Once we receive our lot, are we allowed to design what goes there or do we have to get the design approved by someone?

There is no design approval process. Certain lots on the plan have uses assigned to them. These use designations convey and are to be followed, but the design is left entirely to the building team.

It says all building materials are supplied by David M. Schwarz Architects. Does the entire plan get built that night or should we have parts of it completed before we come?

All lots are built the night of the build out. Teams may, if they desire, bring sketches, foam massing pieces, specialty building materials/candies, etc… but all construction happens on site.

How many people per team?

Team sizes vary by lot, but most teams are 2-6 people. In order to offer a comfortable working space for everyone involved, we ask that you limit your teams to no more than 8 members.

What scale is the plan?

1:10 when printed on 11×17

What materials are provided?

All building materials are provided – gingerbread, frosting and assorted candies. A very diverse array of candies are available at the build. We encourage you to look at pictures from previous years to get a sense for the many items available.

Can teams bring their own materials if they want something in particular?

Absolutely! Many teams bring specialty items related to their lot/theme.

How big is the gingerbread?

The gingerbread is baked on industrial size baking sheets (approx. 18″ x 26″) and then provided to builders in 1/4 and 1/2 sheet pieces.